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Alumni Club


Dear all,



Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, founded the Alumni Club, in order to stay in touch with as many as possible of its former students. In particular, we are pleased to re-establish contact with the Alumni with whom we have not heard for some time.



Anyone who has completed MFUB or has been involved in Academic work at the Faculty can become a member of the Alumni Club MFUB. This also includes all current students. If you wish to become a member, please provide us with your Name, Year of Graduation and e-mail address, and we will send you a form you should fill out.



The data will be used for Alumni activities, including the distribution of Faculty Publications, Promotion of charitable events and services available to Alumni, Notification of Alumni events and programs involving Academic and Administrative groups.



The data will not be passed to external commercial organizations.



Alumni Club
Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade